Well the election is over…

I am disappointed but I am not beaten .We didn’t win but we put up some big numbers: 680 thousand votes !..better percentages than the candidates for Governor and Senator… I was stunned by and grateful for the level of support I got from the voters.

My campaign was a shoestring operation ,  we relied on personal appearances,word of mouth , radio and newspaper  interviews emails,phone calls , a web site and social media like Facebook,Twitter and a blog. No  television ads ,signs,billboards ,bulk mailings or door to door ..to me that makes the numbers even more amazing.Not bad for a bunch of amateurs !

I want to thank my campaign staff :

DeDe Evavold  (Campaign Manager ), Terri MacNabb (Treasurer ), Bonn Clayton  ( Campaign Advisor), Barb Zorn (Social Event Director) , David Bradshaw (Social Media Director) , Debbie Sampson (Administrative Genius )

My hard working supporters, advisors  and guerrilla marketers : Don Evanson , Susan Carpenter,  Tim Kinley,  Fritzie Borgwardt, Terry Serbus, Connie Neal and Grace Schuck as well as my husband Tom and my  parents Charles and Irene Lowney,as well as many others who spread the word.

Most of all I want to thank the delegates and voters who were there for me.

I’ll be back !


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